Kyle Fitzsimmons


Hello world! I'm Kyle, a transit researcher and backend specialist from Montréal. My focus is designing web applications to provide new and complimentary sources of data for studying how people use their cities. My preferred toolset includes Python, Postgres/PostGIS & ReactJS, but I'm open to using whatever best suits the task.

Other interests include delving deep into odd subgenres of music, skiing/biking, arduinos, and trying to invent the unnecessary.


  • Itinerum – an open platform for designing and running commuter itinerary surveys on web, iOS and Android
  • AMTOD – a desktop mapping application to model where household relocation is expected to occur using census demographics and average commuting times to work and school
  • bitbot – an early BTC arbitrage application written as an IRC bot to alert and execute trades between exchanges with a mismatch between market sell and buy orders
  • Montréal Assessment Roll Scraper – scraper for navigating the former Évaluation Foncière ASP.NET site for the city of Montréal

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